This is what guests have said about Tyson Stelzer’s Champagne Tour…

I have had many incredible days in my life, but this week tops them all. It surpassed all my thoughts and dreams and was truly something I will treasure as a memory forever. Each champagne house offered something unique, which would not have been possible to experience without the respect that Tyson has earned over the years.

– Wendy Rohrlach

Truly a once in a lifetime champagne best of the best! Tyson didn’t meet my expectations, he blew them away!

– Brad Nowland

The trip of a lifetime! It changed our lives. I expected big things and everything surpassed expectation. Every experience was incredible! We were hosted by the chef de caves of the top champagne houses in the world!

– Mark Geldens

It was like I was in a dream. I woke up the next morning and thought, ‘Did that really happen?’

– Martine Kayes

If you didn’t come, you’d have no idea just how incredible this experience is. The people who know Tyson have a great respect for him and were generous with their time with us.

– Dr Bill Medland

Tyson Stelzer, a globally renowned wine and champagne expert, was responsible for putting the experience together and we couldn’t recommend it more highly.

– Cathie Reid

You simply can’t experience Champagne the way we did without Tyson Stelzer. The respect that the Champagne Houses have for Tyson was evident – and we were really spoilt. Lunches in the private dining rooms of the Champagne Houses, hosted by the Chef de Cave, served their flagship champagnes….it doesn’t get any better!

– David Reberger

These were some of the most remarkable days of my life thus far. It felt like Tyson pulled out all the stops to make this tour through Champagne one of absolute significance. Truly incredible, unforgettable moments from a truly incredible tour!

– Michael Packwood

It is easy to understand why the locals in Champagne love Tyson. His knowledge and passion for the place are evident. At each great House, we were welcomed to the inner sanctum as family. Tyson’s quiet self-confidence is ever present. His professionalism and humility allow the champagne to be the hero as he deftly tailored our experience, educating us along the way.

– Dr Shymal Dhar

I can never come back to the region on my own… Tyson has spoilt us for life with an experience that cannot be achieved on one’s own.

– Dr Alys Saylor

For detailed reflections from each of our guests, see the quotations throughout our photo books.